Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil

Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil

Nature has provided us with abundance or products that have been in use since centuries for the treatment of various ailments and diseases. A few centuries back the herbs were the only main source of treating different conditions. In fact most of the essential nutrients that are needed to live a healthy life are obtained for natural sources that include animals and plants. Blackmores is the name of an Australian Brand that manufactures their products with mostly natural ingredients. Evening Primrose oil (EPO) is a product that is derived from the seeds of a plant that is native to North America. This plant has been traditionally used for the treatment of bruises, digestive problems, hemorrhoids, and sore throat. This plant is known to be rich in Gamma-Linolenic acid(GLA) substance. Gamma-Linolenic Acid is a type of omega 6 fatty acids that are very essential for quality life of human beings due to its medicinal properties.

 What is Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil?

 Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil is a type of health supplement that is manufactured by extracting the oil from the seeds of the Primrose flower that grows in North America. Evening primrose oil is either applied topically or taken by mouth in form of health supplements for the treatment of a number of health conditions including Acne and eczema.

 Why use Blackmores Evening Primrose oil?

There are many health conditions that can be treated with evening primrose oil one such condition is known as PMS or premenstrual syndrome. It is a common issue with thousands of women across the globe. According to the research the use of evening primrose oil as a supplement may help reduce the symptoms of PMS. There are many factors or bad habits that can affect the GLA metabolism, these habits include, wrong choice of foods, smoking and alcoholism, and high level of stress and anxiety. To repair the loss of GLA metabolism one needs to have evening primrose supplement.

 What are the ingredients of Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil?

Evening primrose oil derived from its seeds.

Providing Gamma-Linolenic Acid 100mg

1 gram = 1000 mg.

Recommended Dosage of Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil

Adults: 1 to 3 capsules daily with a meal.

Kids 6-12 years: the kids can take 1 to 2 capsules once daily. You can squeeze out the contents of the capsule in milk, juice ,or cereal.

Kids 2-6 years: You can give one capsule daily by adding the contents of the capsule to milk, cereal or juice.

It is always wise to consult your physician before starting a supplement.

Pros and cons of Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil

  • Acne is one of the main problems that the young teens suffer from, sometimes it lingers on till the age of 20 and above, Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil can help clean the acne due to the omega 6 fatty acids.

  • Eczema is just another skin inflammation condition that spoils the quality of life of the sufferer. In some leading countries of the world evening Primrose Oil is approved to be one of the best and most effective treatment of eczema.

  • According to a study done in 2005 if taken as a supplement the evening Primrose oil can:

  • Make your skin tight and firm removing old age wrinkles.

  • Improves the elasticity of your skin

  • Moisturizes your skin

  • Makes your skin fatigue resistant

  • According to the experts the main ingredient of evening primrose Gamma Linolenic acid is a must for ideal and healthy skin.

  • Premenstrual Syndrome is a condition that affects the life of millions of women of fertile age across the globe. Just by using the Evening Primrose Oil there has been noted a remarkable reduction in the symptoms of PMS. In this condition women experience depression, bloating, mood swings and irritability. The daily use of Primrose oil supplement help ease all these symptoms.

  • Many women experience breast pain during their period, mostly it is bearable but if it gets unbearable the use of evening primrose oil supplement for three months can ease away this issue for a long time.

  • It may reduce hot flashes. When women reach the age of menopause the most common and undesirable side effect that they have to go through is the recurrence of hot flashes that are sometimes so disturbing that women suffer from other problems that are a result of lack of sleep due to hot flashes. The daily use of Evening Primrose oil supplement for a period of 3 months help ease the symptoms and improve the quality of life and relationships of these women.

  • It may reduce high blood pressure, there are some evidences that the regular use of Evening Primrose oil for a couple of months has reduced the high blood pressure.

  • It may prove beneficial for heart health. Millions of people die each year of heart disease and millions are yet living lives that are full of health risks. More and more people each day are turning towards the natural remedies for their health condition. In such condition the use of Evening Primrose oil helps improve your heart health.

  • Nerve pain is another problem that the diabetics have to face, according to some studies using t eh supplement of evening primrose oil helps in reducing the nerve pain, it even helps in treatment of hot and cold sensitivity, tingling and numbness and even weakness.

  • It may help ease the bone pains too, according to some surveys conducted about the effect of Evening Primrose oil supplement it is clear that regular use of evening primrose oil supplement is very beneficial for the treatment of bone pain.

Cons Of Evening Primrose Oil

For most of the people it is tolerable but in case a person is allergic to any of its ingredients it may cause stomach problems headache and rash. In such condition one should immediately see a doctor and discontinue its use.

Where To Buy

It is easily available online Blackmores Online Store


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