Blackmores Multivitamins

Blackmores Multivitamins

Blackmores is the name of an Australian Company that manufactures the most needed ingredient for a healthy living known as the multivitamins for both genders of all ages.

A few decades back the food that people consumed had all the natural nutrients that one needed for his proper growth and energy as everything was organic. But today everything that is consumed as food no matter if it is vegetable or grains, fruits or dairy products everything is not as pure as it used to be. Today, extra food supplements have become the need of time.

Significance Of Vitamins And Minerals

To work to its best human body needs a number of nutrients but the vitamins and minerals are needed to perform several different processes that help stay healthy and live quality life. According to one of the famous health experts “if we take a human body as a car where proteins, carbohydrates and fats are its fuel the vitamins and minerals are the engine”.

Though both vitamins and minerals are very important for the wellbeing of human body, but they are quite different in nature as vitamins are the nutrients that are organic in nature and contain carbon while the minerals are inorganic substances that do not contain carbon.

About Blackmores

Blackmores is an Australian company that has been manufacturing different health products for 80 years and have been gaining much popularity for their efficacy without too much side effects.

Wide Range Of Blackmores Multivitamins

Every individual has his own particular needs of vitamins according to his diet and health condition. The following is a detailed view of each vitamin supplement manufactured by Blackmores that is available for sale at the designated places.

Vitamins For Women Under 50 Years Of Age

Blackmores Women’s vitality multi is the range of vitamins that is especially designed for the women who have not yet reached the age of 50 and have a hectic lifestyle. Due to their busy schedule most of the women under 50 do not have enough time to prepare a balanced diet that fulfils their daily requirements of vitamins. Such ladies have active menstrual cycle and due to blood loss in the special days they are most likely to lose energy, in such condition there is dire need of multivitamins to have full control over their life. Vitamin deficiency may lead to fatigue and weakness that results in bad mood. With regular use of multivitamins, you can improve your concentration span, boost your immune system and provide you with the much-needed energy. With the use of Blackmores vitamins for women under 50 years of age provide them with a number of health benefits. Most of the ingredients used in the making of these vitamins are natural with minimum side effects.

Composition Of Multivitamins For Women Under 50

Iron: It plays an important role in providing the body with energy and gives a boost to the immune                          system it helps in cognition of blood.

Zinc: It helps in cleaning the body of all the harmful toxic substances like alcohol and supports the healthy immune system too.

Iodine: The thyroid gland governs the body and iodine plays a vital role in keeping it healthy.

Folic acid: Helps in betterment of mood and helps in normal cognition.

Vitamins B 1, 2,5, 6: Helps convert food to fuel.

Vitamin B 12: Helps maintain good mood, supports cognition and assists in converting food to fuel.

Vitamin C and E: These two are antioxidants that paly a positive role for heart health and immune system.

Milk Thistle: Helps maintain the health of liver which is the main detoxifying organ

Siberian Ginseng: It is a herbal energy booster.


Blackmores Multivitamin for men under 50

Blackmores Men’s Performance Multi is as useful for men as is Blackmores Fish Oil for people of all age groups and especially the teens. It is used for overall health of men both physical and mental. It builds their stamina and makes them perform to 100%. Men under the age of 50 are considered to be the physically more active men and those who are 50 plus are considered to be less active so the Blackmores Proactive Multi for 50 + may suit better.

Blackmore Men’s Performance Multi assists in:-

  • Production of energy
  • Boosting brain health and cognitive power
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Provides stamina for exercise.

Active ingredients of Blackmore Men’s Performance Multi

 Tribulus: It is used in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditional medicines to enhance sexual performance of men.

Zinc: Plays a vital role in energy product, assists in detoxification, boost reproductive health of men by supporting the production of healthy sperm and strengthens muscle tissues.

Vitamin B5: Gives nutritional support for producing cellular energy and helps in fat and protein metabolism.

Magnesium and Manganese: Assist in production of energy.

Milk Thistle: It works to maintain liver health.


Blackmores’ best Vitamins for men and women of 50+

Blackmores Proactive Multi for 50+ is composed to help 50+ men and women maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Its ingredients provide support in maintaining good mental and physical health as we age.


Blackmores Proactive Multi for 50+ assists in:

  • Maintains the visual power
  • Helps maintain the brain strength
  • Helps keep the heart healthy and boosts the immune system.


The ingredients of Blackmores Proactive Multi for 50+

Vitamin B: its deficiency may result in weakness and fatigue, so it is included in Blackmores Proactive Multi for 50 plus.

Vitamin B12: It helps marinating good mental and nervous health.

Vitamin E: Prevents age related mental and cognitive decline.

Zinc: Decreases the risk of fractures in middle aged men.

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